Aleksandra Miric from Nis is the 3rd Laureat
On Saturday, 30.3.2019. the Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation awarded the third prize, which is named after one of the most prolific Serbian architects-conservators. This year, it will remain in Niš, and it was accepted by Phd Aleksandra Miric.

The Commission has presented its decision in the following way:

"By reviewing the received candidacy of colleague Miric, it was concluded that she has fulfilled all the criteria prescribed by the Award Rules.

Her work deals with many issues in the field of the protection of cultural heritage, and from this we clearly recognize her the mission, which is primarily directed towards the intensive promotion of culture. In this premise, she successfully combines international practice and a very developed awareness of the wealth of Serbian heritage."

Aleksandra graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2006, her doctoral thesis was defended at the University of Niš and the University of Lyon2 in France, 2015. The thesis was declared the most succesfull by the institut for architecture and urban planning of Serbia in the school year 2015-2016.

The "Architect Aleksandar Radovic" award is one of a kind in Serbia and it encourages young people to deal with cultural heritage, as well as those who already worked in this area.

At the same ceremony, beside the representation of the laureate, audience was able to participate in the panel disscussion and to see a promotional film dedicated to the past 3 years of Foundation.