Heritage Days in Niš
Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš and Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation are organizing "Heritage Days in Niš", on 24 and 25 March 2017. The event includes the promotion of the most valuable achievements (publications, exhibitions) and implemented projects from the region, in the field of heritage. Besides the museum and institutes from Serbia, the event will be attended by representatives of the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Republic of Srpska, Croatian Conservation Institute, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Embassy of the Unated States in Serbia, the Balkan Heritage Foundation from Bulgaria and many others. The central part of the event is dedicated to the fortifications, and the final event is the award ceremony "Architect Aleksandar Radovic", established to encourage and promote the work of young professionals in the field of heritage protection.

Friday, 24 March 2017

12:00-13:30                                                                                                                                        (open to the public)

Session 1 - "Our heritage", venue: Barutana No.4 (Powder magazine), Niš Fortress

1.1   "Toplička episkopija" (Toplica Episcopacy), book promotion, speakers: author – Radoje Kostic, editor - Julka Kuzmanovic Cvetkovic; accompanying exhibition "First Mayor Restoration of Saint Nikola Monastery in Kuršumlija", author - Elena Vasic Petrovic (The National Museum of Toplica, Prokuplje, Association of Toplica People, Nis, The Intitute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Nis - Serbia) (30 min.)

1.2   „Kraljevo– jedan srpski topos“ (Kraljevo - One Serbian Topos), book promotion, speaker: author -  Gordana Gavrić (The Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Kraljevo - Serbia) (30 min.)

1.3   „Sima Žikić - hroničar svoga vremena“ (Sima Zikic - the Chronologist of the Time), inauguration of the exibition, author - Milena Milošević Micić; screening of the movie (The Homeland Museum of Knjaževac, Serbia) (30 min.)


18:00-19:30                                                                                                                                        (open to the public)

Session 2 - "Guarding and Lasting", venue: Oficirski dom (small hall)

2.1  „Kuća nesagorivih reči“, book promotion, speakers: author - Dejan Ristić and Tatjana Brzulović Stanisavljević, PhD; screening of the documentary movie „Sećanja iz pepela“ (Memories from the Ashes), director - Marko Savić (National Library of Serbia, Filmske novosti - Belgrade, Serbia)


Saturday, 25 March 2017

10:00-11:30                                                                                                                                        (open to the public)

Session 3 - "In the sign of European awards", venue: Oficirski dom (large hall)

3.1  "Governing Heritage Dissonance: Promises and Realities of Selected Cultural Policies", book promotion, speaker: author - Višnja Kisić, PhD (award winner 2013: CULTURAL POLICY RESEARCH AWARD), Еuropa Nostra Serbia (30 min.)

3.2  "The Journal of the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš  - Pillars of Heritage" No.2, journal promotion, editor  – Elena Vasić Petrović (author of Conservation Study of Village Gostuša in the Municipality of Pirot, award winner of EUROPEAN UNION GRAND-PRIX / EUROPA NOSTRA AWARD 2016), speaker: Gordana Jeremić, PhD, The Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade (30 min.)


3.3  Presentation of publications of Croatian Conservation Institute, speaker: Andrea Šimunić (Croatian Conservation Institute, Zagreb, Croatia) (30 min.)

11:45-13:45                                                                                                                                      (open to the public)

Session 4 – "Fortresses in focus", venue: Oficirski dom (large hall)

4.1 The introductory lecture: "Management models for late medieval cities and fortresses", Tajana Pleše, PhD, Croatian Conservation Institute, Zagreb, Croatia (45 min.)


4.2 Lecture: Pirot Fortress, Aleksandra Manić, The Direction for Construction, Pirot, Serbia (15 min.)

4.3 Lecture: Fetislam Fortress - Kladovo, Sima Gušić, "Forma Antika", Niš, Serbia (15 min.)

4.4 Lecture: Belgrade Fortress, Nevenka Novaković, Belgrade City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Belgrade, Serbia (15 min.)


4.5 Closing Lecture: "Niš VS. Petrovaradin", Elena Vasić Petrović, The Institute for the Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš and Katarina Maksimov, The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad, Serbia(30 min.)

13:45-14:15 - Break

14:15-15:45                                                                                                                                        (open to the public)

Session 5 – "Friends of Heritage", venue: Oficirski dom (large hall)

5.1 Presentation of the projects - HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) and TransCultAA (Transfer of Cultural Objects in the Alpe Adria Region in the 20th Century), Ljerka Dulibić, PhD, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia (15 min.)

5.2 "Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, Serbia", Erika Kuenne, Embassy of the United States Serbia (15 min.)

5.3 “Preserving Cultural Heritage in SEE-the Mission of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, 2008-2016”, Ivan Vasilev, "Balkan Heritage Foundation", Sofia, Bulgaria (15 min.)


5.4 "The construction of protective shelters - examples from practice", "Piramida" Sremska Mitrovica and "Artech Inženjering", Belgrade, Serbia (30 min.)

5.5 "The preservation of architectural heritage with the use of lime mortar systems - examples from practice", "Rofix" Serbia (30 min.)


18:00-19:00                                                (only for Steering Committee and Supervising Committee of Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation and managers of The Institute for Cultural Heritage Presrvation Niš)

Session 6 - "Board Meeting", venue: Hotel The Regent Club, Niš


19:00-23:00                                                                                                                     (only for invited guests)

Donor Dinner - award ceremony "Architect Aleksandar Radovic", venue: Hotel The Regent Club, Niš